Our 11+ course

Children learn better in short bursts. This is why we designed our 11+ course to consist of fun, daily 15 minute activities in reading, writing, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

The course lasts 14 weeks so you need to start it a term before your child is due to take their private or grammar school entrance exam. The courses covers everything your child needs to prepare them for success in their 11+ and also gives you, the parent, plenty of support with marking their work, helping explain concepts and suggestions for follow-on activities to extend their learning.

You can download the first week’s activities for FREE! Just go to the Year 6 page and click on the first week’s symbol.

Our SATs papers

Children sit the official SATs in Year 2 and Year 6. We now offer brand new practice papers to prepare your child for their 2016 SATs, including the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests.

All our papers are written by experienced teachers and include detailed explanations on how to administer and mark the tests.

We offer two free papers Year 3 and 4 papers so you can judge the quality for yourself. Just go to the School Years page and click on the free papers to download these.