The following tips are things I have learnt from 11+ practice:

- Schedule a particular time to work every day (say 5pm until 5.45?)  This way it becomes 'non-negotiable'.

- You may want to do a different activity each day (reading Monday, verbal reasoning Tuesday etc.) which is great, because it covers everything, but make sure that you also 'plug the gaps' - if your child really struggles with maths more than anything, you may want to do 2 or 3 sessions a week.

- Write up an 11+ practice timetable, roughly working out what you are going to cover each week in the months leading up to the test.  Exactly what I used to do at school and it got me through!

- Buy nice stationery for your child.  It is amazing how motivating brightly coloured pens, scented rubbers and fresh new folders can be!

- Don't labour on with something your child finds really difficult - it will just put them off for good.  Try to do the more difficult things in shorter bursts.  Make sure they are not lacking 'building blocks' that are stopping them getting something (for example: when working out a measures problem, are you sure they know how many ml are in a litre?)

- It is possible to get through without a tutor (although experienced, conscientious ones can be extremely beneficial).  This website has links to lots of free material you can use:

Good luck!  It is always worth remembering that even if they don't get into the school of your choice, all the practice will have really helped set them up for their future anyway.