The new SATs for KS2 (which your child will sit aged 11) consist of the following:

English Reading Paper

This paper consists of a reading booklet, which will include three texts (most likely a poem, a story and an information text).  Children are also given a separate booklet consisting of questions on these texts.  They are expected to write their answers in these booklets.

Your child will be given one hour to do this test.  It contains a total of 50 marks.

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper

For this paper your child will need to know about a variety of different kinds of words, such as: verbs, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, synonyms and antonyms.  They will also need to know about phrases and clauses.  They will need to have some knowledge of how to add prefixes and suffixes to words.  The types of punctuation they will need to know about include the following: question marks, apostrophes, semi-colons, colons, dashes, commas and hyphens.

They will be given 45 minutes to do this test.  It contains a total of 50 marks.

English Spelling Test

This test consists of 20 sentences which will be read aloud by the teacher.  One word is missing from each sentence on the sheet and when the teacher reads this word aloud, your child will need to write it down, trying to get the spelling correct.

It is expected that children will take about 15 minutes to do this test, but it is not strictly timed.  There are a total of 20 marks in this test.

You can download sample papers on the government website by clicking on this link: