The new SATs for KS1 (which your child will sit aged 11) consist of the following:

Arithmetic Paper

This paper tests children on the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).  Children will be asked questions similar to the following: 6007 + 485, 389 - 11, 100 x 100 and 6000 ÷ 5.  There will also be questions involving fractions, decimals and percentages.

Your child will be given 30 minutes to do this test.  There are a total of 40 marks in this test.

Reasoning Papers 1 and 2

These papers test children on their ability to read word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and work out how to answer them.  They will also be given questions on fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, proportion, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics.

Your child will be given 40 minutes to do each test.  Each test has a total of 35 marks.

You can download sample papers on the government website by clicking on this link: